Make Videos through Skype, Facebook and YouTube the Easy Way

No need to invest in professional equipment such as HD cameras, microphones and editing software to produce a video,  now there are practical ways to produce video without spending a big chunk of your savings.

Try recording videos through social networking sites and video recorders.  Skype, Facebook and YouTube now have direct record options that you can utilize. It may not be the most high-tech, but it sure is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to make and record videos.  A camera is all that you will need to get started.

You can record videos through Skype through video recording tools such as SuperTintin.  SuperTintin allows you to record conversations, lectures and discussions that you can edit to produce your video.

How to record a Skype video through SuperTintin:

Skype Facebook Supertintin

  1. Launch Skype and start your video call.
  2. On the SuperTintin Main Window click the Red “Record” button and your conversation will be recorded for you.


How to record videos through YouTube

  1. Log in to your account and hit “UPLOAD”.
  2. Choose record from the webcam option.
  3. Give YouTube permission to access your camera and mic, and then hit “RECORD”.
  4. Save the video once finished and grab the YouTube code to embed on your website.


How to record videos through Facebook

  1. Log in to your account and visit the page you would like to post the video on.
  2. Click the Videolink and hit “RECORD FROM WEBCAM”.
  3. Hit the “RECORD” button and start recording.  Hit “STOP” once finished.
  4. You can type in a description of your video on the “STATUS UPDATE” space, then hit “SHARE”.

Now try these additional tips in making professional-looking videos whenever, wherever.

Pay attention to lighting and background.  Place your spotlight behind the camera pointing towards your subject.  Avoid windows or any source of light on the background.

Write a script.  It’s okay to read a script so you won’t forget any details about your message.  Make sure to sound spontaneous and conversational.  If your message is not too long, try memorizing it.

If you are not using a webcam, always use a tripod.  A cheap tripod is fine.  A shaky video looks very amateur.

Don’t be afraid to shoot close ups.  Shoot closer to pay attention to the detail of the message you want to convey.

Get your message across clearly.  Start making your own videos now!

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