The Big Merger: Skype on Facebook!

Skype on Facebook? Well, online connectivity has never been this easy! You can now keep in touch with your friends in Facebook through Skype and vice versa, without hassle.

Skype and Facebook

Connecting Made Easy

Good news! You can now connect with your Facebook friends directly from Skype through instant messages, as well as voice and video calls. On Facebook, you’re now empowered to make video calls even if you don’t have Skype.


While on Skype:

Skype and Facebook

First and foremost, make sure you have the latest version of Skype v.5.5. for Windows. With the new version’s updates, you can check your Facebook wall without opening a browser as it’s integrated in Skype already! This new feature also allows you to post a status, comment on other people’s updates, and call your Facebook friends on their mobile or landline numbers.

Skype and Facebook

Your Facebook friends will also be integrated in your Skype’s contact list and you’d be able to see who’s online. You no longer need to switch to Facebook to send them a message because you can IM them directly from Skype.


While on Facebook:

You can now make video calls with your Facebook friends with the help of Skype!

Skype and Facebook

Skype would like to be known for it’s video calling services, and what better way to expand their market than to join forces with the biggest social networking site in town– Facebook.


Facebook users no longer need to log in to their IM programs to video call their friends, because all it takes now is a click of an icon. This gives a better experience for all Facebook users because everything that a person needs to socialize is all under one roof.


Worried cause you don’t have a Skype account? No problemo! You don’t need to have Skype to access Facebook’s video calling feature.It’s as simple as going to your friend’s profile or pulling up his name in the contact list, then click the video call button. It will take a few seconds before both parties to get connected. In case the other party is offline, you can leave a video message!

Skype and Facebook

Cherish Your Memories, Record Your Video Calls With SuperTintin!

Now that you’re armed with easy tools for making video calls with your friends either through Skype or Facebook, you should record these conversations! Whether your recording is for an assignment at school, an interview for your business, or for sentimental keepsake, you can easily save high quality videos with SuperTintin.


Try the video calling feature and connect with your friends!

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