Fake Skype Android App on the Loose!

be careful of your downloads

As an internet user, you should receive frequent warnings against (carelessly) downloading programs and (mindlessly) clicking on ads. Chances are, these freewares contain viruses. Did you know that mobile apps are no exception from this devious ploy?  Well, read on then!

Fake Skype Android App

Get Skype on Android


As Skype continues to grow and branch out into the mobile scene, a new malware has been found to trick mobile users in downloading a fake Skype Android App. This malicious app is created to steal money from its victims by sending international text messages. According to Trend Micro, this malware is called the JAVA_SMSSEND.AB.


How Do I Know it’s a Virus?

It’s a good thing that this fake version isn’t well crafted. It can only function on old Symbian phones, those that run on pre Software Installation Script. As for Android, this questionable app only works on devices that allow the use of Java MIDlet. One more thing to watch out for is that this fake app is saved in a .jar file, whereas Android apps are .apk files.


Where Do I Get It?

Skype App


To make sure you won’t “accidentally” download the virus-infested Skype app, it’s best you know that its creators set it up in fake websites that advertise these apps. These sites are hosted on Russian domains (.ru), while the malware apps are hosted on Nigerian domains (.ne).

Be Careful of What You Download

Android allows its users to download and install apps from anywhere they please, but it always pays to be extra careful.


Here are some tips to help you avoid apps with malware:

  • Trust your phone’s security features. Use it.
  • Always double-check the app that you plan to download, regardless of the source.
  • Read the fine print. Don’t just simply accept the installation, read what permissions they require you to download the app.
  • Be extra safe: download an effective mobile anti-virus.


To make sure that you only get legit apps, download from the Google Play Store. You can also check out the official link of Skype’s mobile app here.

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