Never Lose Track in Conference Calls with SuperTintin

Not everyone can remember exact details; often time we can’t even remember what we’re supposed to do next when we step out of a room. Everyone, in any minute, can mess things up simply because they forget. And, here you are participating in a Skype conference call or webinar as a viewer and you’re worried that you might miss out some important parts. You may have your pen and paper, but we doubt that you could keep up with that. So, the best way is to record it.

Supertintin recorder

Let’s admit that our memory isn’t always good when information just comes in after another, and another. By recording your calls, you can save and use them later.

Reasons Why you Need to Record you Conference Calls and Webinars

  • For playbacks. Recorded calls will prevent you from making unsure assumptions. It will cut down errors and could prevent you from wasting your time in putting details together. Webinars deliver tutorials, lectures, and presentations; every second of it is useful information so it’s necessary that you have these recorded.
  • For sharing. We always want to share what catches our interests. You can easily share the recorded webinars or calls to your interested friends; it’s also great for those who weren’t able to see it live.
  • For archive. We may never know when we’ll need to review a past call and compare it with the recent ones. Recording makes planning for improvements easy and is helpful in preventing future disagreements.

Don’t forget that SuperTintin is here to help you never miss out a word from your recorded calls. Both your audio and video calls can be recorded in MP3, MP4, WMV, and AVI for that high-quality experience. You only need a second to hit that record button and let SuperTintin do the rest. Get the full version now for unlimited recording and you could hit play, skip back, and forward anytime you like.

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