Make One-click Calls with [Skype Integration]

Skype Integration

Gone were the days where you would scramble through your things just to find that much needed pen and paper just because you need to jot down a phone number or email address from the net. With the advancement of technology, people have found a variety of ways to make our lives less complicated. And these programs are now widely available for everyone with just a single click. is a new Skype integration which could bring your Skype experience to a whole new level. With, you can make calls with just a click of a button. Now, you can order a pizza, call a friend or relative and make reservations. Whether it’s a phone number on someone else’s website, company profile or homepage, can make that call in a single click. Making calls has never been this easy. also functions with other programs like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay, etc as it gives you the information you need, also in a single click. It makes your work a lot easier. It’s like having the virtual secretary that you’ve always wished for.

How to use on Skype

Before anything else, you have to download and install on your computer. That’s always the first step. Visit http://www.
.com/en/ to get the program. Then, simply highlight the number, copy it by pressing Ctrl + C, click on the Skype icon and you are on your way ordering your favorite pizza. It’s that simple! And best of all, you can have it downloaded for free!

Skype has been a helpful tool to people who wish to make a constant communication with their family, friends or co-workers. With these additional programs, you can get a better experience with Skype and make things a lot easier.

PS: Similar to, Supertintin allows you to record Skype calls in just a click of a button. Visit for more details.

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