Tips for Public Speaking via Skype Video

Skype Video

If you need to do something really important but want to save time, money, effort and resources, using Skype might be the solution.  This works for professors who need to do a lecture or motivational speakers imparting a speech, talk or symposium.

Skype video calling lets you be there without actually being there.  You don’t actually have to be in front of an audience to make public speaking happen.  Make your speech right in the comforts of your own home or office or any venue of your choice.  Skype gives you access to audiences in remote locations.

Remember that even if you don’t personally see your audience, you have to be equipped and prepared with your presentation.  Here are a few tips that will keep you abreast.

Do a light and sound check.  Check your lighting, sound, internet connection, computer, camera and microphones.

Choose an appropriate background.  The entire appearance matters. Try back drops with themes like nature or geometrical prints.  It all depends on the topic of your presentation and the mood that you want to convey to your audience.

Practice makes perfect. Avoid setbacks and be totally prepared for this speech.  Do dry runs with your team to avoid technical difficulty.

Dress to impress and look credible.  Wear something formal, not too casual or laid-back. Fix your hair too.

Make eye contact.  Your audience must feel that you are actually talking to them.

Tip:  Position your camera slightly above you looking down at a distance as if looking at them face-to-face.  That’s about 1 ½ to 3 feet away.  Your “idiot board” should be at eye level and only glance at them once in a while.

Have a team to assist you.  On your venue, you probably need a tech assistant to handle any technical difficulty and a production assistant to help you with your script.  On your audience side, you would need a coordinator that can handle both technical and other concerns with your audience.

Your content is all that matters.  The crème de la crème of your presentation is your speech.  Impart the juicy facts.  Your audience has to learn something from your presentation aside from being entertained.

Have the audience engaged in the presentation.  You can include ice-breakers, ask questions to your audience and make them share insights and experiences regarding your topic.  Alternate data with stories and anecdotes.  It breaks the monotony of most lengthy presentations and keeps you closer to your audience.  More importantly enjoy the presentation and own it.

For future reference and proper archiving, record your public speaking done with Skype video through SuperTintin.  Download the SuperTintin app and record your presentations.  You can playback your videos anytime for reference on your next speech.

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