How To Keep An Eye On Your Dog Using Skype

Dog Skype

Leaving your dog home alone can be one of the most stressful things when it comes to being a pet owner. Having no idea what he’s up to after you step out of the front door can be scary. But thanks to Skype, you can monitor your pet during office hours. Just set it to auto-answer, and it’s good to go.

1. Set a Skype account for your pooch

Make your pet dog his own email address, so you could get him a Skype account of his own.

2. Change the settings of your laptop

If you plan on making Skype calls for you pooch, make sure that you’re computer is plugged in and doesn’t automatically go to ‘hibernate’ or ‘sleep’ mode after a few hours of inactivity. This setting will keep your computer on power, with its display turned off. You can do this by going to Control Panel>System and Security>Change when the computer sleeps (which you can find in the Power Options)>Choose ‘Never’ in Put the computer to sleep.

3. Set it to auto-answer

Set your Skype to paws-free setting by going to Menu Bar>Tools>Options. Under the Calls tab, click Call Settings>Show Advanced Option. Check the boxes for Answer Incoming Calls Automatically and Start My Video Call Automatically When I am In Call. Now, you don’t have to worry about puppy missing your calls again.

4. Log in your pooch’s account in Skype

Before you’re good to go, make sure that you add yourself as a contact. Don’t worry. You’ll only have to do this once so it won’t be that much of an effort on your part.

5. Start your dog-spying

Make your dog-spying easier and more accessible by downloading a Skype app on your mobile phone. Just click on the Skype app, tap on contacts and select Puppy from the list. Choose Video Call and wait for your computer to pick up. If you want, you can even record Skype video calls with SuperTinTin, so you won’t have to miss precious moments of your pet ever again.

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