How To Use Skype Hotkeys

Keep up to date with Skype hotkeys!

Been using Skype for a long time? Have you gotten used to the interface? Or rather, is it that you’ve gotten bored with its old ways? Well, there’s no need to worry because Skype has got you covered.

With your Skype 5.0 for Windows, you can always change it up. All you need is to keep in the know and you’ll be on your way to getting a better and more efficient Skype experience.

In order to use Skype hotkeys more easily, you can resort to switching it up by using the available hotkeys. All you have to do is to enable them. These keyboard shortcuts can help you answer an audio or video call, as well as ignore them or end them. You use it take as many snapshots as you want during a conversation or mute your microphone during a call. With a click of a key, you can search people on Skype and even switch view preferences.

Skype Menu


How, you may ask? It’s simple!


1. Just sign in to Skype.


2. Go to Tools and press Options.


3. Choose the Advanced tab and select Hotkeys.


4. After, you check Enable keyboard shortcuts.

5. Tick off all actions you would like to enable.

Skype Options

6. You then click Change selected shortcut, if you want to change the default shortcut. Simply enter your new shortcut and click OK.

Skype Hotkeys

7. Click Save.

Now, See? Wasn’t that so easy? With those few steps, you’re ready and set to start using your new and improved Skype. Say goodbye to your old ways and get efficient with Skype hotkeys!

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