Using Hidden Emoticons in Skype

Chatting on Skype is more exciting once you learn how to use its hidden emoticons features. By default, users can only access 72 Skype emoticons but if you want to express more emotions while chatting, below are some suggestions on how you can use these hidden smileys while chatting on Skype.

hidden emoticons

Curse Without Having To Swear Out Loud

Topic of conversation got you frustrated? Why not express how you feel by typing (banghead) or (headbang) to insert an emoticon banging its head on the wall? Or if you’re having a rough day and you just want to curse the Universe without having to shout it out loud, type (fubar) to insert an emoticon pointing its finger, or (swear) for displaying a character with “swear words” continuously coming out from its mouth.

Invite Friends Over For  A Drink

Thinking of inviting your friend over for a drink or two? Make your invitation more creative by using the drunk-looking emoticon by inserting (drunk) to the chatbox. You can even add a smoking character by typing in (smoking), (ci) or (smoke) along with your message.

Rock On To Your Favorite Music

Show your love for rock music by putting in (rock) to your message to insert an emoticon banging its head to some rock music, the same way you would do if you’re watching a rock concert, live.

When Saying ‘Enough is Enough’

If you’re friend has shared too much gruesome information by using a Skype Recorder such as SuperTinTin to show you his most recent injury, send an animated character putting its hand over its eyes repeatedly, by typing (tmi) and pressing enter. There won’t even be a need to think of how you’re going to put how grossed out you are into words, without hurting his feelings.

Use your hidden emoticons

Most of the hidden Skype emoticons in version 5.5 include, as mentioned before, adult theme such as drunkenness and swearing. With the animated characters, expressing your emotions in chat is made easier.

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