How To Teach Someone To Use Skype [How To Skype]

How to Skype

Adults are more experienced in most things but when it comes to technology, not everyone is aware of what’s in and what’s out, or how to use software programs and apps such as Skype. So if you’re trying to teach your parents or grandparents on how to use Skype, maybe you could use some tips below:

1. Don’t use acronyms or jargons

One of the first rules in introducing technology to your elders is to never use complicated terms such as VoIP. Once you do, they’ll be rushing off to knit another sweater before you even open your laptop.

2. Make things easier for them

Make learning easier for them by making sure that all they have to do is to press the on button and clicking on Skype, and they’re good to go. As much as possible, avoid using external webcams or putting the Skype shortcut icon to another folder, or you’ll end up being their IT support in the next few months.

3. Keep everything simple

When it comes to using apps and programs such as Skype, you no longer need to dwell into details on how everything happens. It’s better to keep it a mystery than spend the next few hours explaining every single detail and bombard them with facts they won’t use anyway.

4. It’s a test of patience

Always remember that as people get older, the brain gets rusty and it’s more often than not, a challenge to absorb new information. You may, or may not, succeed in teaching your parents/grandparents on how to use Skype so if they decide that they’ve had enough for the day, give in and let them have what they want. Who knows, they might change their minds tomorrow and decide to give it another shot.

5. Write the steps down

If you really want them to remember everything you’ve taught them, write down the process in a step by step manner, so they’ll have something to consult anytime they have to. Be creative! You can even include screenshots and pictures if you think it would help.

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