Skype Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Our world is a fast-paced superhighway and we need to know some Skype keyboard shortcuts to be able to navigate and get to our destination faster.

Skype keyboard shortcuts

Since we are always in a hurry, it is important to learn stuff that can make our lives easier like keyboard shortcuts on your Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac or Mac Mini.  When making calls through Skype, you go through a long process to be able to access and connect.  Mac has come up with a list of shortcuts you can use to make Skyping a breeze.

I suggest you try to memorize these shortcuts so that you won’t need to look at the list all of the time.  Best way to memorize is to put it into practice!

Keyboard shortcuts for Skype on your Mac:

  • Skype = [Command]+[1]
  • Preferences = [Command]+[,]
  • Hide Skype = [Command]+[H]
  • Quit Skype = [Command]+[Q]
  • New Conversation = [Command]+[N]
  • Edit Profile = [Shift]+[Command]+[I]
  • Close Profile = [Command]+[W]
  • Edit Last Message = [Shift]+[Command]+[E]
  • Search Contacts and Messages = [Alt]+[Command]+[F]
  • Show Profile = [Command]+[I]
  • Send Files = [Shift]+[Command]+[F]
  • Mute Microphone = [Shift]+[Command]+[M]
  • Add People = [Shift]+[Command]+[A]
  • Mark Conversation As Unread = [Shift]+[Command]+[U]
  • Next Conversation = [Alt]+[Command]+[Right Arrow]
  • Previous Conversation = [Alt]+[Command]+[Left Arrow]
  • Dial Pad = [Command]+[2]
  • Contacts Monitor = [Command]+[3]
  • Skype WiFi = [Command]+[4]
  • View as List = [Alt]+[Command]+[4]
  • View as Pictures = [Alt]+[Command]+[5]
  • Hide Others = [Alt]+[Command]+[H]
  • Close Window = [Shift]+[Command]+[W]
  • Undo = [Command]+[Z]
  • Redo = [Shift]+[Command]+[Z]
  • Cut = [Command]+[X]
  • Copy = [Command]+[C]
  • Paste = [Command]+[V]
  • Select All = [Command]+[A]
  • Find = [Command]+[F]
  • Find Next = [Command]+[G]
  • Find Previous = [Shift]+[Command]+[G]
  • Use Selection for Find = [Command]+[E]
  • Jump to Selection = [Command]+[J]
  • Special Characters = [Alt]+[Command]+[T]
  • Show Spelling and Grammar = [Command]+[:]
  • Check Document Now = [Command]+[;]
  • Make Text Bigger = [Command]+[+]
  • Make Text Normal Size = [Command]+[0]
  • Make Text Smaller = [Command]+[-]
  • Enter Full Screen = [Command]+[Ctrl]+[F]
  • Minimize = [Command]+[M]

Skype Mac shortcuts

Skype keyboard shortcuts makes working around you computer a bit faster than your usual.  It helps to know some of them, at least the ones you use most of the time.  Setting up to make a Skype call won’t take that long if you know some shortcuts.

Once well-equipped with these shortcuts, why not try recording your audio and video calls.  There’s also an easy way to capture all your audio and video calls though the help of SuperTintin.  SuperTintin is a Skype recording tool that can record, capture and store all your calls for future use.  Simply visit the SuperTintin website for more detailed information.

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