A Better, Custom Skype For Mac

custom skype for mac

Years ago, people used to write letters to communicate with people from across the nation. It usually takes days before you receive the letter. But with the advancement of technology, we were gradually introduced to better ways of communication such as landlines, cell phones, emails and now, Skype.

Here are some tips on how you can have a custom Skype experience.

Skype 6.3 for Mac

A new version of Skype is now available for Mac users. This new version offers a better user experience and lot of interesting features such as seeing a slideshow of other participants in a group call and a new in-call DTMF dial pad. It is best to get the latest version in order to enjoy the best of what Skype has to offer.

Customize it the way you want

Most people likes to multi-task on their computers. Some would log in on their facebook account, check their emails and chat with their loved ones on skype at the same time. To do so, it is best so customize so you could see everything more easily and do tasks more efficiently. You can resize and reposition your contact list and conversation windows in order to save on screen space.

Set the scene

For a better custom Skype experience, you should always pick a good setting. A well lit room and a quiet space is the most favorable setting for a Skype call. Here, your family and friends will have a good visual of you and will be able to hear your voice clearly at the same time.

Skype has grown popular over the years as a lot of people have discovered its advantages. Whether you wish to talk to your friends, family or co-workers, skype could be a great option for you. So, click on that Skype icon now and have a custom Skype experience!

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