Gizmodo: Facebook Code Renews Skype Video Chat Integration Rumors


A snippet of Facebook code has fueled existing rumors concerning a video chat feature on that platform, powered by Skype.

Facebook app developer Tal Alter discovered the code, called VideoChat, while digging around during development of his own application. The code “appears to have everything needed to introduce video chatting functionality,” he said.

Even more telling are the portions that mention Skype directly, which he believes indicate future integration with Skype address books or using your Skype ID to chat with Facebook users. The code also checks for ActiveX or Skype SDK plugin support, Alter said. [Green Any Site via Techmeme]


Skype Blog(Oct 14, 2010):

Facebook News Feed and Phonebook has been integrated into Skype 5.0, making it easier to stay connected with the people and communities you care about. We’ve revitalised the look and feel, making voice and video calling, instant messaging, screen sharing and file sharing intuitive and easy to navigate. And you can now bring even more of your family and friends together with the new group video calling feature available in open beta.

With Facebook integration, you can:

see your Facebook News Feed in Skype
post status updates that can be synced with your Skype mood message
comment and like friends’ updates and wall posts
call and SMS your Facebook friends on their mobile phones and landlines
make a free Skype-to-Skype call if your Facebook friend is also a Skype contact and also you can still Record Skype calls with SuperTinTin.

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