14-year-old boy Beats Facebook and Skype

When I was fourteen, I was writing short stories and daydreaming about boybands. These days, kids are taking over the world! Well, not entirely, but one American 14-year-old is pretty much on his way to trying!

Robert Nay, is the creator is Bubble Ball, an app that is currently available to download (free of charge) from the Apple app store. But, what makes Nay’s creation so amazing?

Well, first of all, not long ago, Nay has had no lessons in creating games. Instead, he taught himself how to “code” games out of a library book, which it has to be said, is pretty impressive.

But, even more impressive, is the fact that Bubble Ball is doing incredibly well. So well, in fact, that Bubble Ball has been downloaded on over two million Apple-based devices, putting it ahead of Internet giants Skype and Facebook, and securing the top spot in the iTunes download chart.

With Facebook created by a guy who was a College Student, at the time, our Internet Entrepreneurs are most certainly getting younger.

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