Upload Videos on Youtube: Share Your Recorded Skype Video Calls

The ever evolving technology is constantly making it easy for people to do business and keep family ties. With the use of apps like SuperTinTin, Skype video calls during interviews, multi-point conferences, or personal calls can be recorded and played at a later time. Technology has made it cheaper to keep and share these recordings, too. Uploading them on YouTube, the world’s biggest video sharing site, is a cheap (read: free) way of sharing videos with your chosen audience.

Uploading videos on YouTube is easy.

  • Go to the YouTube homepage and create an account, if you don’t have one yet. Log in, and then click the UPLOAD button on the upper right corner.
    YouTube can share your recorded video calls
  • After clicking Upload, the following window will appear. Click “Select files from your computer” button and choose the file you wish to share or, you can simply drag and drop your videos on the page. Make sure your file is in a format accepted by YouTube.  SuperTinTin conveniently saves your videos in .AVI format.
    Video Calls recorded by SuperTinTin works perfectly for YouTube
  • While the video is uploading, input the required information like title, description of the video, what category it should be in, and the tags. You can also geo-tag your video by placing an address on the Video Location, at the Advanced tab. Make sure to use certain keywords across the description, title, and tags to easily find your video later on. Also, YouTube’s public or private sharing option gives you control over who can watch it. Choose the Private setting to share with selected people or groups like attendees of a conference, training class, or project. By saving a video as Unlisted, only the people provided a link to the video, can view it.
  • Hit save and you are good to go.

SuperTinTin makes it easier to record your Skype videos, and YouTube makes it easier to share and review videos by simply uploading them. It’s a fool proof way of sharing and even storing your recorded video calls, all online. No more buying expensive portable hard drives, if you ask me.

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