How To Get Back To A Previous Skype Version [Reinstall Skype]

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Not all that is new are wonderful.  There had been numerous complaints, in forums and otherwise, about Skype’s new version. With its enormous display, it fully integrates the whole screen, losing its friendly user interface.

Mac and Windows users have been disappointed with the new Skype Version and have expressed their dismay, dislike and disappointment in several forum sites, asking each other of the best way to solve the problem.  They hated the new version.  Unhappy, disgruntled Skype users even wrote to Skype and ask them to resolve the problem.  Although, Skype did resolve the problem, the user interface was still complex, not everyone is comfortable using it.

Others suggest to uninstalling the new version and reinstall Skype.

How To Reinstall Skype:

  1. Uninstall New Skype Version.  This is optional, although it is suggestive to uninstall it to lessen your computer’s confusion on what version to use.  It also utilizes file storage. So it is better to uninstall the new version.
  2. Go to search engines.  The Skype site does not keep the old version anymore.  You can look through the search engine to direct you to sites that still have older versions of Skype.
  3. Download old Skype version.  Once you find the site that offers old Skype version, download the Application.
  4. Reinstall Skype.  Of course, you can then install the old version.

When you install the old version, some of your conversations may not be reflected in your archives – previous communications.

Why not download a Skype recorder too while you are at it.  This helps keeping your important conversations, even transactions, when you use Skype.

You can record Skype calls and video calls using SuperTinTin.  Participate in the forum to find out how you can use SuperTinTin.

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