The Mystery of Merging Skype and MSN Accounts

Merging Skype

The search for answers has lead humanity to discover many things in this universe. Yeah right! Enough with the introductions and let’s go directly to our topic today and that is, what happens when you merge your Skype and MSN accounts? Is there a mystery that lurks behind this topic that we must unravel?

Q. What happens when merging Skype and MSN Accounts?

A. It’s simple; you can sign in and use all of the useful applications of Skype and MSN all in one account. You can also merge your contact list of Skype, Messenger, Facebook and People into one list.

Q. I always receive this error message “This Skype account is already merged” what should I do?

A. First, don’t panic. Secondly, take a deep breath and choose one from the options that is displayed below the error message.

1. Sign in with different MSN account. Use the MSN account that you already merged with Skype.

2. Sign in with different Skype account. If you have other Skype account, try to sign in and merge it to your MSN account

3. Create a new Skype account. If nothing else works, just create a new account.

Q. Can I merge multiple Skype accounts into one MSN account?

A. You can’t. You can only merge one Skype account to also one MSN account. You can always create a MSN account for business and another one for personal use and merge them to 2 Skype accounts also.

Q. Is it possible to unmerge my Skype and MSN accounts?

A. Yes, of course, especially if you have merged the wrong accounts.

These are the mysteries of merging Skype and MSN accounts. Always remember that if you need to record Skype calls, whether audio or video calls, you can always use Supertintin Skype recorder. It can record both audio and video calls using the most easy to use interface. You can’t go wrong with it.

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