How to Remote Work Using Skype

Work Using Skype

Skype has indeed made the world smaller because of its many features that make communication from all over the world possible. It is also the main tool used in conducting business meetings and conferences remotely from any point in the world. But today we will discuss how to work using Skype more effectively. Here are some tips for doing that:

1. Keep in touch

Instant messaging is one of the many tools you can use with Skype. You must keep in touch with your team to know what time they are available so that you can do group calls or group chats in their available time. This is important especially if your team is on different time zones.

2. A face-to-face meeting is better than chats

If it is possible, use video conferencing when meeting with your team or client. There is a factor in face to face communication that is not present in instant messaging or chatting. Some people say that the likelihood of sealing a business deal is increased to 70% when you use video calls.

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3. Learn how to share

Sharing files and even your screen during a meeting is a great idea to make your presentation better. You can also use Skype Manager which lets you give subscriptions, features, and credit to your team members.

4. Get those creative juices flowing

Walking around your neighborhood, or going to a nearby coffee shop will help you to be more creative. It is also great idea to do some walking meetings for a change.

5. Make your workplace as productive as possible

Even if you are working at home or have a traditional office, you can make it more productive. Small things like choosing an ergonomic chair and the right desk will help you work more efficiently.

Use these simple tips to make your remote working experience better and more productive.

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