5 Tips for Great Employer Skype Interviews

Skype Interviews

You see that your company needs more brains and hands for the chunk of work that needs to get done. You post a “job hiring” ad with qualifications and noted that interviews will be done over Skype.

Now you sit down, face your aspirants, and then you’re fumbling because it’s your first time. What’s worse, it may not be your first time but you seem to be unsure of what you’re doing.

Note that the professional who is applying will also be putting their best foot forward, so extend the same courtesy and check out these 5 ways to be the best employer interviewer on Skype:

Make that Backdrop Professional

Because you’re communicating to someone who might be your future employee, you must also look like a future “boss”. It’s best to sit at a desk or a clean table, preferable in front of bright (but not too bright) background. This is how you give a good first impression to your prospect employee.

Use Props to “Show” Your Interviewee Around

If you have a framed slogan, logo or company philosophy, it’s best to also use that as background. Also, what you wear matters. If you like to appear like a slick pro, wear a tie and long sleeves preferably in colors that reflect your logo. You can also wear your company’s polo shirt with a logo for a more laid-back look. Give him an idea of how it is to work like in your company.

Ask Appropriate Questions 

A job interview is still your first professional encounter with a prospect employee/ teammate/ subordinate. Keep it professional by asking questions about his professional experience and maybe a little about his personal background. Just make sure he is the one offering personal information as you can always just start with “So first, tell me about yourself.”

Ensure Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

For maximum efficiency and a chance of a really smooth interview, make sure your internet is lag-proof. When lag happens in the middle of an interview, just drop the call and redial. This works as a good breather for both of you. Just don’t make the “breather” get too long. Also, reserve this time specifically for the interview and don’t get distracted by other stuff.

Do Eye Contact the Right Way

When you’re using the webcam, remember that to appear like you’re looking the one on the other end of the line, you have to look at the webcam, not at the monitor. This makes you appear more authoritative and gives you the chance to maximize rapport. Lastly, don’t forget to use the Skype video call recorder so you can review it afterwards. Good luck!

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