How To Check Email After Skype Upgrade [For Windows Live Messenger Users]

check email after skype upgrade

Recently, users of Windows Live Messenger, previously known as MSN Messenger, were forced to update to Skype. Although it will never make sense for some, Microsoft has decided to move on to a superior IM client – Skype .

It appears though, that the main issue for MSN sentimentals revolves around not being able to access emails through Skype. It’s true, MSN had a link to hotmail accounts, but it is important to note that MSN messenger is not a requirement to access your emails. Here’s how to check email after Skype upgrade.

How To Check Email After Skype Upgrade

To access your email or Microsoft account, previously called Windows Live ID, all it takes is opening up your browser and typing in “” on the address bar.

Note that you already have a Microsoft account if your email address ends with any of the following:


And of course you must remember your email password to be able to access your account! If not, you can always sign up for a new account. Skype,, Hotmail, Skydrive, Xbox LIVE or Windows Phone are services that use a Microsoft account for signing in.

For those who have not yet upgraded to Skype, then you may or may not have kept the email from the Messenger Team who have asked nicely to cut the cord and say goodbye to MSN. Hope you were able to check email after Skype upgrade this time around.

The new Skype is much better than its predecessors. It features so much more than just improved video call quality. And if you ever wondered how to record Skype video calls, do checkout SuperTinTin. Try out this free Skype video recorder and preserve those special moments for as long as you want!

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