Pimp Your Skype

The other day, we looked at some cool “gadgets” that you can install to make your Skype experience an even better one. But, you know what? There are so many fun additions to Skype out there, that we decided to tell you about some more of them!


IDroo is an online, educational whiteboard, that offers you the ability to do everything, through Skype, that a real-life white board allows you to do:

  • Draw diagrams to help explain your ideas – particularly useful when talking about complex topics, such as Maths and Science, that involve a large amount of equations, symbols and the likes. In fact, the IDroo software will insert both basic and more complex maths and science for you.
  • Jot down key points as you discuss them in presentations
  • Make a note of any thoughts and suggestions made during brainstorming sessions
  • Have fun with your children or grandchildren, drawing pictures with them

Download the IDroo software, directly from their website, by clicking here. And note, that IDroo is completely free to download and use.

Note: Both of these recommendations come from Skype themselves, so they have to be good right?

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