Remote Cam Recording Problems – How to Fix (Supertintin for Skype version)

There are times that Supertintin is unable to detect the video feed of the person you are video calling (also called as the remote cam).   Such problems can be easily resolved by updating your recorder and some components in your computer, or following a certain booting sequence.  Below are some suggestions and procedures that would most likely fix problems in recording the remote cam.


1.       Restart Your Computer

In most cases, rebooting computer immediately solve such and similar recording problems.

2.        Update your Supertintin Recorder

Common and known recording issues are often fixed when we release a new version of the Supertintin recorder.   There is no fee in updating your recorder, just copy and save your registered email address and license code as you may be asked to re-enter them after installing a newer version of Supertintin.  Below is the direct download link of the latest version of the Supertintin recorder (Skype version)

3.       Update Skype

For better call and recording quality and stability, having the latest version of Skype is advisable.   You can get the latest version of Skype by visiting the link below;

4.       Booting Sequence

Based from actual feedback from some customer who experience similar problems, a particular booting order also fix remote cam recording problem.  The suggested order is;

a. Open Skype
b.  After 60 Seconds, open Supertintin.  If after 60 seconds your Skype status is still not displaying as “online”, you may need to wait a couple of seconds more.
c.  Then wait for another 60 seconds before making a call and start recording.

5.       Update Windows and Your Device Drivers

Download and install remaining updates for your operating system.   Also double-check if your device drivers (display, audio, webcam, or microphone, – whichever are present in your computer) are all up to date.   You can visit the manufacturer’s website of the device drivers present in your computer to check if there are newer versions of their drivers, or just use the Update Device Drivers feature of Windows operating system.

6.       Temporarily Remove  Other Recorders In Your Computer

There are times that other Skype recorders interfere with the Skype’s and Supertintin’s processes, which may results to recording issues.   You can also try to temporarily remove other programs that interact with Skype (such as history logger, translators, webcam effects programs, etc).   In some case, you can simply disallow access of third party software by opening menu Tools >>> Options >>> Advanced >>> Advanced Settings, then clicking “Manage Other Programs’ Access to Skype” (you can re-allow their access anytime).

7.        Run Computer Maintenance and Security Scans

First, fully update your anti-virus program then run a full anti-virus scan (choose the most advanced scans if possible) to eliminate the possibility that a virus, malware or similar elements are causing the problem.

Then perform computer maintenance processes such as disk defrag, registry cleaning, disc checkup, deleting old, duplicate and unused files, and removing unnecessary programs in your computer.  Such process will not only help improve the performance of Skype and Supertintin, but other programs installed in your computer as well.

If the suggestions above still don’t resolve the issue, you can send an email to for further assistance.



Customer Support Manager
January 9, 2012


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