Skype is still down – 10 million calls affected

Skype Twitter: “Thanks for your continued patience while we get everyone back online – sorry especially to those of you who are still waiting”

So Skype have not get this fixed yet. At least for some people, they still can not sign in the service.

Peter Parkes’s last post is still this.

“Problems signing in to Skype – Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype – we’re investigating, and we’re sorry for the disruption to your conversations. ”

You can check Skype status here if you can not log in.

Update 1:

Millions of people around the world were hit by a huge and unidentified problem.

Skype’s last outrage occurred in 2007. A company which prides itself on providing a reliable service was again hit by a huge problem. However, Skype, just as they did last time, apologised for the inconvenience caused to users as far afield as Japan .

Update 2:

It is estimated that around 10 million calls – almost half the normal volume – were affected when the popular internet phone service Skype crashed on Wednesday.

Update 3:

One day after an outage that left millions of users without phone service, Skype said on Thursday that it’s begun to see a “significant increase” in the number of people able to connect.

“Because of the way the Skype software works, it’s not possible for anyone to obtain an exact figure, but we now estimate it to be over 10 million,” the company’s head blogger Peter Parkes said in a blog post today.

At the same time, however, Skype cautioned that certain features may still be hampered by the outage which began on Wednesday – in particular, peoples’ online status may update slowly; the same for the delivery of instant messages. Skype also said group video calling “will take longer to return to normal.”

Update 4:

Skype estimates that about two-thirds of its users are still unable to log in after an outage caused by problems with its underlying peer-to-peer interconnection system, it said in a blog post around midday European time Thursday.

Almost 5 million users are back online, Skype said, but that’s still only around 30 percent of the number it would expect to see at the time of the blog posting.

The number of logged-in users is increasing all the time, but it’s not possible for Skype to predict when all users will be able to sign in and start making calls again, the company said.

Even for Europe users able to log in earlier today, some instant messages and calls went undelivered or unanswered. Most of the users could not be able to Record Skype Call due to this problem.

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