Skype vs MSN–Which is the Better Service?

Inventions in technology march at such a frenzied speed that asking a 30-something guy what a rotary dial phone looks like will only give you a blank stare. The idea of a telephone operator will forever be associated with the term “long distance call” in much the same way that a video call is placed via Internet applications like Skype or MSN. Which begs the question: “Which is the better service?”

Skype and MSN both works well with SuperTintin

According to a quantitative evaluation of the two most popular VoIP applications, Skype performs better than MSN.

A less scientific and quick search, though, of Internet forums show that Skype is the most popular choice among netizens because of the following:

  • Skype calls have little lag or latency. Conversations are also clearer and are dropped less often.
  • It has more features like being able to call landlines and make multi-point conferences. Skype applications are also easier to install and has good customer support.
  • Being the first app on the block, almost all of your friends are on Skype, too.

Statistics turn up the following mind-boggling numbers on this long standing Skype vs MSN battle:

  1. The total number of Skype users as of Jan. 2012 is at 31 million.
  2. The number of monthly log-ins to Skype is at 124 million.
  3. The average time spent on a Skype conversation is 27 minutes.
  4. The number of time that active Skype users spend on Skype per month is at 100 minutes.
  5. The total percentage of small businesses that use Skype as primary communication service is at 35%.
  6. The number of people who have ever used Skype is 560 million.
  7. The total percentage of Skype video to video calls are at 40%.

Although Skype clearly wins this popularity contest, MSN equally does a magical job of connecting people across the globe either on a business or personal level. With the availability of apps recording Skype and MSN video calls, like SuperTintin, tender moments of love or important video conferences can be played and replayed anytime regardless of which is the better application.

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