Skype New Version Improves Screen Sharing

Skype released Skype 5.6 for Windows today. The new version have improved the way you start and control screen sharing during a call. When you start a ‘Share screens’ session there is now an introductory message where you can select to share in full screen mode or in a window. You can also select which window or monitor to share, in case you have more than one available.

Skype Screen Sharing

A great New getting started experience

The new version also also improved the first time set-up experience for new Skype users. The new getting started process walks you through a number of easy steps to help set up Skype, so it’s working as it should – including setting up the webcam, checking the audio and adding a profile picture, so it’s easier for your friends to be able to find you on Skype.

Skype New Getting Started Wizard

Other main changes in Skype 5.6 are:

      Small changes to the call controls


      The ‘Call Phones’ button has been moved


      Updated ‘Click to Call’ browser plugins


      In call advertising


      ‘Skype Home’ UI improvements in compact mode


          Share your thoughts about this new version on our Support Network or in case you see the odd issue then please report it to us on our public issue tracker. You canĀ Record Skype video calls in new Skype version as well.



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