Skype Screen Sharing: Making Work Easier

Any freelancer or remote worker will agree: show-and-tell did not end in grade school. In any job, especially today, there is frequently a need for rapid communication and rapid learning, and show-and-tell is easily the best way to accomplish this.

Show and Tell Skype

When faced with a technical task, it can be really hard to walk someone through the steps over the phone. Even when you’re on Skype video chat, your facial expressions can’t exactly convey which icon to click or which part of the site you enter data in.

This is basically why Skype screen sharing feature is so useful. It lets you show someone and tell them how to work the right way. Case in point: using the picture below as a guide, you’ll easily be able to tell how to activate Skype’s screen sharing feature!

Skype Screensharing

It also works the other way around: if you’re confused about something on your computer or you figure something’s wrong with one interface or another, you can just share your screen and help someone help you troubleshoot it.

Skype Screen Sharing Group

Of course, there’s one little catch to training new workers with Skype screen sharing: you need to also be at your computer. With Skype making conference sessions possible, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can only train one person at a time, but it does mean you need to spend time or manpower training instead of being more productive.

Almost every company today practices show-and-tell in training their new employees, but they do it through video. They record tutorials and briefings that they can just play to help walk a worker through how the company works. But how exactly do you translate this to Skype screen sharing? Do you point a camera at your computer screen and start recording stuff you do?

Thankfully, the answer’s “no.” With the right Skype call recorder, such as SuperTinTin, you’ll be able to share your screen and record it at the same time for future references, so the next time a new employee gets hired, you won’t have to go through the same old process and waste your time repeating the same old tutorial and clicking the same old buttons.

supertintin skype

With a good quality Skype call recorder, you can perform a screen sharing tutorial once and then just replay it. This can save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

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