How to Fix Freezing Screen Shares on Skype

Bothered by stopping, static video, fading out sound and choppy video calls on Skype’s Screen Sharing? You’re not alone. Most Skype users have experienced the same thing.  It is the “Freezing Screen Sharing problem.”

Screen Sharing is probably the most popular and used feature of Skype being used on most households and even businesses.  It is also more likely to be the one to experience most setbacks.

Freezing Screen Shares

At first, the video starts to get a little static or choppy.  The sound fades out even when the volume is pumped up.  Then, it stops completely until the video call totally hangs up and you’re frozen.

Let me help you determine the Cause and Possible Solutions to the “Freezing Screen Sharing problem.”

First, let me cite the Causes.

  • Slow internet connection.  The best connection speed is at least 300kbps. More is absolutely better.
  • Insufficient Computer Memory. Have at least 512 MB of Memory or more to be able to enjoy Skype.
  • Download and upload speed. The recommended download and upload speed for Skype is at least 128kbps. That is at least, the faster the better.

Next, allow me to present you with some Possible Solutions & Recommendations to the “Freezing Screen Sharing problem.”

  • Restart or Re-install Skype.  Download Skype’s  newest version that works best with Screen Sharing.
  • Have an efficient system. An efficient system should have 1 GHz CPU, at least 512 MB of Memory (or more), 300kbps download and upload speed (or more).
  • Close unused windows on the desktop.  Close other unnecessary windows on your desktop while using Skype.  Too many opened windows slows down the performance of your system.
  • Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade! It is highly suggest that you keep your gadget updated.  I strongly recommended that you upgrade regularly to keep up with the changing times.

You can now continue collaborating with a friend or colleague once you’ve had your “Freezing Screen Sharing problem” on Skype.  Record those important moments through SuperTintin, a recording tool for Skype.  It lets you capture and playback conversations when you need it.

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