Connect with Loved Ones in Skype


It used to take people years to find their loved ones. Now, online platforms have helped speed up the process with ever-growing networks. Public databases and social media have removed the borders of time and space, successfully reuniting friends and families together. Now, you can also connect with loved ones in Skype.

Just early this year, Travis Prescott found a video on Youtube of his missing father, a US military veteran.  With the help of the original poster, Prescott was able to speak with him via Google+ Hangouts for the very first time.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Skype are among the most widespread channels that enable people to connect with one another.  Skype, the pioneer in video calling, has been known as the perfect online venue for gatherings and reunions.  It also has its share of heartwarming stories, like the one about a US military father named Mark Wagner.

Mark Vagner was an Air Force captain and was stationed in Iraq when his wife was due to give birth to their son. With the permission of Emerson Hospital in Concord, Wagner’s mother captured the entire event in her iPhone and enabled Wagner to witness the birth of his son via Skype.  Wagner was 6,000 miles away, but Skype brought him and his family together for that priceless occasion.

Although it’s hard being away from the ones you love, technology now has ways of bringing you closer.  Find your family and friends on Skype by clicking “Contacts” on your Skype window, and typing his or her name on the search bar.  Once you’ve found the right person, you’ll just need to connect.  You can even replay your fun conversations online using recording tools such as SuperTinTin to refresh your happy memories of your loved ones.

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