How To Connect Skype To Home Phone

Freetalk Connect Me

Grandpa and Grandma can now use Skype without having to know anything about computers, apps or soundcards.  They won’t even need to give you a call in case they have questions.  Using Skype would be as easy as picking up a handset and dialing a number now that Skype is available on you home phones.

Skype now enables you to make calls through your home phones with FREETALK®ConnectMe.

What is FREETALK®ConnectMe?

FREETALK®ConnectMe is a plug-in analog phone adapter that connects your home phone, Skype and your landline so that you can have Skype enabled on your home phone.

FREETALK®ConnectMe connected to your home phone will enable you to make and receive Skype calls for free.  You can also make low-cost international and mobile calls using the Skype credit without affecting your landline service at all.

To enjoy Skype on your home phone, you will need:

  1. Internet connection
  2. Skype account
  3. Landline phone
  4. Home phone adapter

You can also use a Skype-ready cordless phone.  Skype-ready cordless phones are now also available in the market today.  Phone adapters will no longer be needed when you have a Skype-ready phone.

How to connect the phone adapter

1.   On your FREETALK®ConnectMe kit you will find the following:

2.  Connect the power adapter to the FREETALK®ConnectMe box.  Press firmly until you hear a click.

3.  Attach one end of the blue network cable to the blue socket on the adapter and the other end to your router.

4.  Next, you need to connect your phone line.  Disconnect the cable from your phone first and plug it into the gray socket on the adapter.

5.  Now attach the black cable (with yellow flag) to your phone and the adapter’s yellow socket.

6.  Plug your phone adapter into a power outlet.

After a few seconds, the device will show a red indication light.  Wait for it to turn green as it may take a few minutes while the device is downloading the software.

7.  You now need to use you computer to set up your FREETALK®ConnectMe to work with Skype.

Make low-cost, mobile, landline and international Skype to Skype calls on your home phone.  You don’t need to be in front of a computer to make that call.  Start getting comfy on your favorite chair and make that call now!

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