Skype FREETALK Connect Me box: What does it really do?


Do you want to make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls for free? You can with the FREETALK Connect Me box.

What is the Skype FREETALK Connect Me box and what does it do?

The Skype FREETALK Connect Me box is an analogue phone adapter that you can integrate into your home or office telephone system where there are multiple handsets that use a single base station. This phone adapter gives everyone a chance to make calls at low rates. The best thing about FREETALK is that it allows you to call mobile phones and landlines locally or internationally. However, you will need one FREETALK Connect Me box for each base station to be able to make low-cost and free Skype calls.

What do you need to be able to use the FREETALK Connect Me box?

  1. PC, Mac or smartphone to be able to configure the device,
  2. Good internet connection, and
  3. Your home phone.

Of course, you’ll also need a Skype account. Find out here how you can make your own, if don’t have a Skype account yet. You’ll also need to have a small amount of Skype Credit or a subscription to be able to start making calls.

You will already have an identical existing subscription if the FREETALK Connect Me box you purchased comes with a subscription. The new subscription comes into effect when your existing subscription comes to an end.

You can buy Skype credit from for your FREETALK Connect Me. You also have the option to enable Auto-Recharge, so your Skype credits will not run out.

If the analogue phone adapter you have purchased is from eBuyNow, they are no longer in business and are not offering direct customer support anymore. Skype, however, will continue to assist you with problems you might encounter with these devices. But their ability to troubleshoot problems with the device may be limited.

For other concerns regarding the use of Skype, like using the Skype video call recorder, you can visit

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