Easy Customer Service Through Skype

The best way to make customers feel attended to is to listen to them. Small businesses and startups need not outsource to offer 24/7 customer service. Why not build your own call center in your back office and provide easy customer service through Skype? Just load up your desktops and be available for concerns and inquiries round the clock.

Why Skype?

The idea is to allow your clients, wherever they are, call you for free using Skype’s VoIP service. The tool is very handy and a lot of people across the world use it. Skype’s interface is so user-friendly that you don’t need to give training sessions to your employees.

Aside from the free calling service, Skype also supports live chat and video conversations. If you’re expecting an important call but can’t get on Skype, its call forwarding feature sends your calls to your mobile or landline number, making sure you don’t miss any calls, and you and the caller don’t have to pay a single cent. Your customers can also leave you voice mail so you can simply call them back and offer a live tutorial for technical support.

Ensuring Quality

There are a gazillion ways to use Skype to boost your business’ reach. If you like to review how your people provide customer service, you can have Skype calls recorded through SuperTintin. You can even record video streams and voice mails. Through recording calls, you can identify the best customer service practices and share it among your team!

Go For Skype!

Skype is ideal for small businesses, especially online ones. It’s an easy and convenient way to reach out to your customers. Make sure, though, that you take precautionary measures in handling confidential data and have a back up plan in case of service outage. All else, Skype is a great tool for your startups.


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