Learn And Teach Through Skype Video

Imagine attending a cooking class from your own kitchen, taking live yoga tutorials from the comforts of your own bedroom, or shopping with a stylist who is in a different time zone.  Modern technology shrunk the world with communication tools like Skype and redefined the way people correspond and interact.

Online Cooking Class Skype Video

While building business and personal relationships over VoIP is being ingrained in our social fabric, Skype has found new uses and is effecting lifestyle changes, ranging from beauty to keeping healthy.Yoga Lesson Skype Video

WELLNESS.  When exercising at home traditionally meant playing a DVD, using the Skype video call feature turned it social and interactive. Skype also delivers live home exercises  just like Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful who demonstrates warm-up stretches and tailored routines to clients via a video call.

BEAUTY. Video conferences come in handy, too, in teaching how to put on make-up or create a total look for a friend. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff found an ally in Skype recently when she was able to put together a look for a celebrity client by collaborating with a stylist who is on a different continent.

FOOD. Skype has also opened more doors of opportunities to tech-savvy chefs. Using video conferences, they are able to collaborate with peers or conduct classes. Recipes are not just exchanged but chefs are able to show methods and make a closer visual check, making sure the bisque is thick enough or the student is deglazing the proper way.

What is even more exciting is the ability to record and capture these sessions for later review or archive for future reference. Capturing personalized home exercise using apps like SuperTintin enables you to record and repeat the routine at a later time. Or rewind the recorded baking lesson when your cake is not rising as expected.

And just like recorded Skype video calls with loved ones, captured live tutorials, using SuperTintin, can be preserved for posterity or playback.


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