Skype Customers And Help Them Create Content For You

Skype Customers

Many companies overlook a simple fact: Customers generate buzz around products and services that exceed expectations. They express themselves through tweets, blogs, product reviews, and other forms of social media. These real life experiences connected with your products speak volumes of your company’s performance and your customer’s satisfaction. Use Skype to close the loop and help customers create content for you.

Create a customer appreciation day

Customers need validation. They also need to discuss issues with you. This is the best time to get the pulse of your market through surveys. Make the event fun for your guests. Invite the local blogging community to cover the event and  Skype customers to make sure they leave on a high note. Prepare giveaways such as product samples, partner discount cards, coupons and other perks you choose.

What’s your story?

Capture unique and powerful testimonials from loyal customers through videos you can upload to your site. Your customers’ message is a powerful tool in capturing new customers. People are drawn to stories they can relate with. Invite customers to share their unique experience using your products. Use Skype to make this process more streamlined through free calls you can record and share later.

Tap into Technology

Change the game and amp your market reach through Skype. With features such as Video Conferencing, it’s easy to do all the things mentioned above remotely.

  • Conduct small group discussions centered on a theme relevant to your product and hosted by an expert.
  • Share your best practices online.
  • Get live remote video testimonials from your loyal customers through Skype video calls.
  • Go live for some events you’re hosting to engage customers virtually.

Capture and save these live video chats by using Supertintin, a Skype third party app. Supertintin backs up your video and audio files on Skype easily, making it a breeze for your team to archive and curate testimonials and events from your customers.


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