Skype Blocked? Here’s The Fix

Is Skype blocked in your country?

With Skype, you do feel the ease in connecting with anyone with just the use of a computer or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. However, just like everything else, Skype has its limits too especially when you use it during your travels in another country.

Skype Blocked

It doesn’t only limit to other countries but it could be common even in your own country where telecommunication companies have Skype blocked in order to fully use their services.

What should I do?

These companies usually use a firewall that restricts specific websites or data ports and the main solution in passing through these is by connecting to a VPN. Connecting to a VPN or a Virtual Private Network lets you do whatever you like without restrictions. It’s like making a private tunnel that connects to other servers without passing through a firewall.

What VPNs could I use?

These are only a few of the available VPNs out there. Some VPNs have become too popular that they’ve been blocked too but later on went back to business with their new IP addresses. If their new IP addresses are detected, telecommunication companies will block it again and the race goes on and on.

Free VPNs

  • Hotspot Shield
  • Yupee Phone
  • Log Mein
  • Wippien
  • Open VPN
  • Iopus
  • Voip Sol

Subscription VPNs

  • VPN Accounts
  • Banana VPN
  • Pro VPN Accounts

Skype is still the best way in making calls wherever you are at lower rates but be sure to know first in which countries Skype and other websites are most likely to be blocked to find out if you’ll need a VPN. Just try out a few and switch whenever your current VPN suddenly gets blocked.

And if everything goes fine with your VPN, you can start making video calls like you usually do and it’s also a great idea to download a Skype video recorder immediately to save your calls.

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