Liven Up Skype Calls with the VoiceMaster App

Are your online conversations becoming dull and giving you yawns? Do you feel extra mischievous today? Pull a prank on your friends and liven up your Skype calls with the VoiceMaster app!


Skype not only has many useful apps, but fun ones as well. VoiceMaster is one of the newest apps, and with it, you can play around with your voice and create the effects you want. Turn up the pitch changer and instantly sound like a chipmunk. You can even sing those really high notes you’ve always wanted to belt out. Pull the pitch changer down and turn into your favorite ring announcer right away, or scare your friends with a low-throated evil laugh. You can even pretend to be your son’s teacher and tell him to hit the books for his exam.

VoiceMaster has a very user-friendly interface so it’s easy to use. The latest version of the app features a slider tool that you can drag up and down to change the pitch of your voice. It also has a two-screen display where you can see in waveform how different your altered voice is from your normal voice.

For the techie ones, there’s an additional TCP/IP settings you can adjust, so you get a better connection for uninterrupted chats. VoiceMaster runs on any 32 or 64-bit Windows OS, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility problems.

The best thing about VoiceMaster is it’s absolutely free! Just visit Skype, hit the “Get it now” button, and get your voice tweaked right away. And make sure you get a Skype recorder like SuperTintin so you can have copies of all your calls and replay all the fun conversations you’ve had with your new voice.

With Skype’s VoiceMaster, there won’t be any boring conversations. Start the fun and get VoiceMaster now.

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