Skype for Persons with Disabilities [Skype Accessibility]

Skype Accessibility

Skype has many features for people that have disabilities to help them use Skype in different devices. This accessibility features are also very helpful to control, navigate and have a great experience using Skype even if you are a disabled person.

Here are some of the devices and their respective Skype accessibility features:

Windows 7 & 8 Desktops and Devices

  1. Windows has built-in screen narrator which helps blind people use desktop computers with Windows operating system installed in it. You can also download third-party screen readers from trusted sources.
  2. It has high contrast settings that enables color blinded person to read the texts displayed in the monitor.
  3. It also has a magnifier which enlarges the texts and images projected into the display.

Windows Modern 8.1

  1. Just like the older versions of Windows, it also as a screen reader which is intended for blind persons.
  2. It also has high-contrast settings, perfect for people having a hard time in color perception.
  3. It also has magnifier.
  4. Speech to text applications that converts your voice to texts. It is designed for people with prosthetics and persons who are not able to use their upper extremities properly.

Mac Devices

  1. They have the so called “VoiceOver built-in screen reader” that works exactly like the readers mentioned above for blind people.
  2. It can also invert colors and adjust its contrast levels to fit those who have limited or no perception at all when it comes to colors.
  3. It also has its zoom that enables users with low vision to read texts.

iOS Phones and Devices

  1. Blind Skype users that have iOS devices can enjoy its own version of screen reader which is similar to the version in Mac devices.
  2. It has contrast and color controls that you can adjust especially for those people with low vision and color perception problems.
  3. It also has its magnifier that zooms on objects to make it larger.

Android, Amazon Kindle, and Blackberry

  1. All of them have their screen reader that proves to be very helpful for the blind.
  2. Android and Amazon Kindle have their magnifier for enlarging texts and images from their device.
  3. Android and Blackberry on the other hand, has color reversal capabilities for color blinded persons.

All of these Skype features are helpful for person with disabilities to enjoy the experience of using Skype. It is also great if you can preserve your precious moments and store it for you to be able to watch it in the future.

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