Too Much Information? Protect Your Skype Profile

Skype has been a major help in strengthening old bonds and creating new ones through online chat and VoIP, but as with any other communication platform, you’ll always have to put yourself out there — meaning, you’ll have to at least inform people of who you are by creating your Skype profile.

Your Skype profile is your “calling card” to the world, so be wise with what exactly you want to show.

If you’re thinking that it’s no big deal, let us tell you straight out that it is. Fraudulent scammers have harassed many regular users by threatening to release private chat and video sessions if they don’t get paid a certain amount.  Just check Skype’s support network and you’ll find many disturbing cases of how the platform is being abused.

Skype Profiles

To avoid being a part of the growing list of online victims, here are a few ways of how you can protect your Skype profile and account:

1. Check your privacy settings. If you’re using a PC, go through Tools>Options>Privacy, but if you’re using a Mac, go through Skype>Preferences>Privacy.  From here you can customize how you want to receive from or send information to your network.

2. Make sure of the information that you want to go public. On your Skype profile, there are information that will always be open to the public, so think long and hard before filling those spaces up.  There are some which you can keep blank, so there’s no real pressure in putting your complete bio data.

3. Only add people you know, or if you must, do a quick online background check. Never underestimate the power of Google Search.  A quick inquiry will oftentimes result in information that may or may not show the legitimacy and honesty of the person who’s trying to contact you.  There are many sharks in the Internet sea, so it’s best to be careful about choosing the people you trust.

You don’t have to be paranoid about your Skype persona, but it’s wise to constantly remain vigilant.  If your gut feel tells you that something is wrong, then chances are that there is; so pry yourself out of the situation as fast as you can and change your password.  Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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