How to Find a SkypeFind Business Number

SkypeFind Business

SkypeFind is a Skype feature that allows you to locate the number of businesses you might be interested in.

Below are the simple steps to search for a SkypeFind business and call them directly.

1. Sign in to Skype and select the Call Phones tab.

2. Click the Find Businesses tab (Skype 5.1 for Windows) or Directory tab (Skype 5.0 for Windows).

3. Type the name of the business or the type of business you are looking for e.g. “plumber”, “taxi”, “Chinese takeout”, etc.

4. Enter your location.

  • To search the entire country, leave this blank.
  • To change the target country, click the little flag icon beside the search box and select the flag of the desired country from the drop down menu.
  • Note: The largest area you can search for is by country.

5. Click Search to find businesses that match your keywords.

  • If no match appears, try broadening your search by providing less specific keywords. For example, instead of “computer”, try “electrical”.
  • If you really can’t find a specific business, it means it hasn’t been added yet to SkypeFind. SkypeFind listings are generated and maintained by members of the Skype community. You can help out the community by adding the business to the directory so that other Skype users can access the business details and start adding their own reviews.

6. When the results appear, click the green button with the phone number to call the business you are interested in. By default, results are shown with the businesses closest to you at the top. You can also sort the search results based on the following criteria

  • A-Z: alphabetical order
  • Most Called: the businesses with the most calls from the Skype community
  • Highest Rating: the businesses that received the best reviews

Take note, you need a subscription or a little Skype credit to call a business number.

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