MSN Live Messenger: Not Just a Pretty Face

Ten years ago, MSN messenger was at the forefront of instant messaging, allowing people to type and chat with practically anyone no matter where across the globe they were. However, with the rise of Facebook, Skype, Twitter and the many other social network and video call websites and software that are currently widely available across the Internet, MSN has been forced to spread itself out into other areas just to keep up with the competition.

Here are just a few things that makes MSN Live Messenger a great piece of software for your needs:

1. Social Network – MSN Live Messenger now allows you to “check-in” to a huge range of different social networking websites, most notably: Facebook and MySpace. You might be wondering why you’d want to do this, but you have to admit that it’s great having as many things as possible in one place (think of it like a Supermarket!) so this nifty feature allows you to keep track of what all of your friends are upto, even if they’re not all active on the same social media sites.

To get started all you need to do is add your profile details to your MSN account, and your friends status’ will appear as soon as they update them!

2. Send text messages to your friends phones – Think of it this way, you might be at your PC, but your friends might not, so this feature could actually be really useful. Plus, there’s nothing worse than trying to arrange a social event, but you have to credit on your phone, and your mates aren’t online!

All you have to do is add your friend’s mobile number to their profile, and send them a quick text – simples!

3. Messenger Apps – Apple iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry. It’s official. The Smartphone is the only phone to have at the minute, and the great thing about all of these phones is that they allow you instant access to MSN Live Messenger no matter where in the world you are. All with a simple little app for you to download to your phone.

Downloading the MSN App allows you to keep in touch with family, friends and work colleagues easily and quickly through social updates, IM chats etc.

4.  Web Messenger – If you’re a regular user of Library or Internet Cafe computers, you might be aware about how frustrating it can be when you can’t access the standard MSN Live Messenger. However, with Web Messenger, you can now keep up-to-date with everyone from the same area as you check your email. So, you’re effectively chatting through your email…pretty cool, huh!

5. Video Chats – This is of course, the one that excites us here at SuperTintin the most! Not only can you have real time video conversations with overseas family, absent friends or work colleagues, but you can have them in HD (that’s high definition to us tecnhologically challenged folk!) HD means that the quality of your calls will be as great as you internet connection will allow.

6. Share-and-Share Alike. MSN Live Messenger now lets you send (and recieve) larger files. This is great for anyone using our SuperTintin software, because it allows you to send copies of your SuperTintin recorded videos to everyone you want to send them to easily, without needing specialist file transfer programmes.

7. Please Leave a Message after the Beep – Most SuperTintin users will understand completely how frustrating it is, when you’re trying to make a video call with someone, but they’re not home. But, thanks to MSN Live Messenger’s you can now leave them a quick voicemail style video message for them to pick up the next time that they sign into MSN. So, if you have something really important to say, or to show them, you can still do it without any problems.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on MSN Live Messenger and catch up with your friends. But, don’t forget to take your SuperTintin MSN Live Messenger Recording Software with you!

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