How Do SkypeIn And SkypeOut Work?

Almost everything is free if you use Skype from a computer to another computer or smartphone with the Skype App. Though, there are times we want to contact a person through mobile or vice versa; that’s when SkypeIn and SkypeOut could come in handy.

PC to Phone

What is SkypeIn?

SkypeIn makes you receive and answer local or international mobile and landline calls through Skype in your computer or smartphone.

What is SkypeOut?

The opposite of SkypeIn, SkypeOut makes you call mobile and landline phones using your Skype in your computer or smartphone.


How do I use it?

The key in using both services is to have a Skype number (also known as Online number).

Make your Skype number by doing the following:

  1. Log-in to
  2. In My Account, go to the Manage Features section and choose Get Skype Number
  3. Click the Get Skype Number


  1. Click Skype from the menu bar
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Click Get Skype Number

Either ways will get you to the Get a Skype Number page. Then these steps follow:

  1. On the Get Skype number page, select the country where you’d like to use your Skype number
  2. Complete special requirements by filling up customer information with your name and address
  3. Choose your area code and Skype number
  4. Pay for the number using your Skype credits, by subscription, or by other means.
  5. Done! Your Skype number should be confirmed automatically after payment

Take note that in some countries you have to provide proof of residence that it may take days up to two weeks before you can activate your Skype number.

After getting your Skype number, just tell your loved ones or anyone you know your Skype number and they could call you wherever you are at a┬álocal rate. Also, whenever you call them, your Skype number shows up so they’d know who you are. Simple right?

Enjoy the calls and you may want to download a free Skype recorder to save those moments.

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