If working remotely is the new 9-5, Skype is the switchboard

From http://thenextweb.com/apps/2011/04/05/if-working-remotely-is-the-new-9-5-skype-is-the-switchboard/

“Oh, Skype, how we love you here at The Next Web, as our offices in Amsterdam are quite the commute for our U.S. and U.K. based editors. You host our water cooler conversations and allow me the pleasure of listening to Brad McCarty’s stunning radio voice even though I am in New York City and he is somewhere near Nashville, Tennessee.

Skype, we love you because AT&T’s service is bollocks and we often use you for conference calls with CEOs of multi-million dollar companies cause we know you won’t drop us. Skype, you are on my list of favorite new verbs alongside tweet, google and poke; and if working remotely is the new 9-5, you are the modern day switchboard for our international, always connected team.

Today, Skype launched its microsite “The Living Workplace” to celebrate this shift in telecommunication. The microsite includes many of the charts you see here, as well as videos, tutorials, a business blog and case studies of companies championing the remote working trend. One such company, ePromos Promotional Products Inc. (ePromos), one of the top promotional product and branding companies in the world, has headquarters in New York City. In total, their $25 million dollar a year company has 75 employees spread throughout the country each with a webcam and headset – and have been using Skype Manager to manage the allocation of subscriptions to their employees.

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Skype Living Workplace: A workplace transformation is happening

Successful businesses are embracing a new way of working that allows unprecedented flexibility while delivering results. Today’s workforce can operate from virtually anywhere: at a company or home office, at a coffee shop or convention center, in the air or on the road. With the right technologies, work can be done where workers need to be—achieving results and satisfying customers. We call this “The Living Workplace.” > more

To better understand the trends behind the transforming workplace, Skype commissioned a survey to examine how business is being conducted in more ways, from more locations, on more devices, and in more communication modalities than ever before. It’s a communications transformation, and the survey report explains it all. Compiled independently by Research Now and by analysts from GigaOM Pro, “The Future of Workplaces” report is available for free download here.

Joanna Brace from Skype says:

“Why do I call it The Living Workplace? Because the notion of work is being re-invented. How we communicate and collaborate is at the crux of this change, and is driven by new technology. This Living Workplace is open and flexible. It supports remote working, where it doesn’t matter if you’re at your office, home, an airport or a coffee shop. It acknowledges that your personal and work lives co-exist, and it understands that being able to bring your personal technology choices into the workplace can help you and your business achieve the best possible results.”

All these updates will not effect Supertintin Skype Recorder and it will still work with Skype.

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