A Fun Skype Success Story

I found this wonderful story from Skype Forum.


The poster’s website: www.fuzzberrys.com, a live online character-to-kid broadcasting.

“My Skype story is a truly life changing experience. My best friend introduced me to the wonders of Skype about a year and a half ago. With parents in Germany, one brother in South Africa and the other in Washington DC we loved it. It changed everything. We where a family again with our location being the smallest and most inconsequential detail!

One day I had the idea to use a puppet on my nephew in Washington to entertain him. When I introduced him to Fuzzy Bob and I wasn’t in the frame he chatted to him for the best part of an hour. Just him and Fuzzy Bob. It was a little bit of magic I couldn’t believe the reaction. He was hooked. Believing Fuzzy Bob to be his real furry friend. What was even more surprising was the tantrum that he threw when it was time to say goodbye! I was really onto something here. Great for me, not so good for my brother who rang me up the next day to say that his son had talked of nothing other then Fuzzy Bob and that we MUST do another live Skype link up as soon as possible.

9 Months later and my new company Fuzzberrys is now up and running. The main offering is a live, webcam chit chat with any one of my specially designed puppets. It’s a business that is truly global, having had Monty the Dragon do a live hook up to a Bar Mitzvah in the South of France to a birthday party “special live appearance” by Miss Thing, the glamour monster.

We are also doing live links with classrooms for assemblies and other fun learning activities. The kids have education, fun, learning and computers all working in total harmony together!

The wonder in a child’s eyes when they realise that these fantasy creations are actually talking and interacting with them is a joy for all to see and it’s not just the kids that love it. Adults revert back to their school days when chatting to these extraordinary friends! And the fact that (skype) Skype is so immensely easy to set and use has basically given me an opportunity to offer this unique service to anyone in the world! How many shops and services can boast to have over 10 million potential customers!”

you can Record Skype video calls as well and enjoy with your family as well.

Skype story

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