5 reasons to use Skype for business

Businesses are using Skype to benefit from lower costs and expand how employees, customers, partners and suppliers communicate and collaborate with ease-of-use, greater convenience and efficiency.

Here are five reasons why people are using Skype for business:

1. If you can’t arrange an in-person meeting, suggest hosting the meeting over a Skype video call. Ensure you have a high quality webcam and microphone, high-speed Internet access, and Skype software downloaded to your computer.

2. Skype’s latest 5.0 for Windows can support group video calling up to 10 ways, so you can talk to multiple colleagues or customers.

3. If you want an easy way to manage and allocate credit for multiple Skype accounts for your organization, use Skype Manager.

4. If you want to show a demo or run through a presentation, Skype’s screen sharing feature is easy and useful.

5. Thounds of featured extras such as remote desktop, recorders, white board tools etc.

Skype has some blogs about how business are using Skype. Also you Record Skype video calls using SuperTinTin to record your business calls.

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