Skype CEO Tony Bates: Skype stabilized. (Video)

Tony Bates:

“I wanted to continue to update you on the status of the outage. We’ve been able to successfully stabilize Skype due to the dedicated supernodes deployed by Skype’s engineering team. We’re at roughly 90 percent of normal user volumes.

Audio, video and IM are running normally. But, a couple of our offerings, including offline IM and Group Video Calling, are not available yet, and we are working hard to restore them in due course.

We now understand the cause of the problem and we believe it was not caused by a malicious attack. But, we are still doing a full analysis and we will provide an in-depth post-mortem.

Nothing can make up for the missed experiences, but we’re going to be sending our Pay As You Go and Pre-Pay users a Skype Credit voucher via email. The voucher can be used to give you approximately 30 minutes of free calling to landlines anywhere in the world.” You can Record Skype video calls using Skype and SuperTinTin now.

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