Microsoft says Skype for Win7Phone by end of year

PC Magazine is reporting on its website that support for Skype will be among the multiple updates that Microsoft is planning to push out to its Windows 7 Phone OS this year.  They’re also promising that the update process will become more stream-lined, that multi-tasking will work better, and the end of world hunger.  Well OK not that last one, but it’s about as likely!

Apparently the Skype support is dependent on an OS update code-named “Mango”. Does Microsoft have someone employed to come up with code names, or is it just a random word selection process?

Just bear in mind that if you have a Windows 7-based phone, make sure that you either have a very robust data allowance or add-on. Otherwise, disable automatic updating until you get home to your wifi!

SuperTinTin Skype Video Recorder will work with the new Skype as well.

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