Problems Downloading Skype? Here’s What You Should Do

Downloading Skype

First, you have to know what the problem is. If you think the problem is your browser, close Skype using that browser and open another one. Then go ahead and start downloading Skype using another browser. Also, if your current browser doesn’t allow pop-up windows, deactivate this security measure, or just add Skype to the exception list.

If you think the problem is not your browser, check your internet connection. First off, test with random internet searches to see if the signal is good. Meaning, windows must load fast. If you have any window carrying heavy content (music or video) close these applications first then start downloading. If you run a download management software, discontinue usage first. Just wait for Skype to finish downloading thoroughly.

Aside from downloads and internet speed, another problem could also be security. Temporarily deactivate any security software, like the ones that create a firewall, or really solid antivirus. But we know you need them so after you download, just reactivate or reinstall. Another problem of security could also be that you’re getting a permission error. Write access to the folder that you are downloading Skype to. If you are not sure if you have read and written access to a certain location, just save Skype to your desktop.

Lastly, since we’ve already talked about the security of locations, make sure that you download Skype to a network that’s accessible to you. This is an extra precaution in a network of different computers.

See, all these Skype downloading problems are easy. If you have tried everything and you still aren’t successful, just download Skype via a different computer and copy it to yours. For other Skype problems you need solved, visit or better yet, DOWNLOAD IT! Good luck!

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