Problems in Skype Heartbeat Listed in Skype Garage Blogs

Skype Heartbeat


When you rely on web services such as Skype video calls, you expect them to work for you all the time. Then again, that only happens in a perfect world. Downtimes are inevitable, even on Skype.  When snags happen, go to Skype Heartbeat. See under what category your problem belongs to and what can be done about it.

To check the status report of Skype’s heartbeat, follow the steps below.

  1. Log-in to your Skype account
  2. Click on the Help menu in Skype and select Heartbeat (Skype Status). Alternately, type on your browser.

You’ll see a page of icons with beating red hearts over them. When everything’s working normally, you’ll see this on your screen:

Here are common problems encountered in Skype heartbeat:

Mid-call dropping.

Check your Internet connection, it might be down. If you’re having slow connection, close programs especially ones on videos and games.  Make sure you’ve topped-up your Skype credits to avoid dropped calls and to continue enjoying other Skype services. 

Poor voice quality.

Check if devices on your PC are working properly. Adjust the settings for your microphone and speakers manually or  click on the Automatically adjust microphone/speaker setting in Skype. Additionally, invest in a good headset.

Video stops when you change cameras during calls.

First,make sure your webcam is on Skype’s list of approved cams.Next, check your webcam settings. If that doesn’t work, check for Windows version compatibility. Sometimes, simply restarting your PC will do the trick.

For other problems, browse through the status announcements found below the Heartbeat icons and see if Skype is conducting maintenance or fixing glitches like yours. If you’re unable to sign in on Skype , go immediately to for assistance.

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