Things to Keep in Check when Conducting a Remote Job Interview

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In a fast paced world where documents are sent in an instant, strangers are connected across the globe, and transactions are made with a click of the mouse, it’s not a surprise that corporate norms change along with everything else.

Job interviews are one of the many corporate activities that have developed in step with these changes. With today’s advanced technology, people in different areas can conduct interviews through online video calls.

It may sound cool and convenient, but don’t just rush to try one out and risk bowing off an interview. After all, this is still a corporate matter. Take time to read these important pointers before conducting that successful online interview:


Before the interview

Complete the necessary tools.

  • Equip your computer with Skype to conduct and capture the remote interview.
  • Check if the other party has Skype installed on their computers or if he/she is willing to download it.
  • Download a call-recording tool designed for Skype to capture the interview. For starters, you may want to try SuperTinTin.


Invest in equipment that matter.

  • Use a quality microphone to avoid miscommunication. USB tabletop microphones or XLR microphones are highly recommended over headset microphones.
  • Prepare a superior webcam. Some built-in webcams in laptops may not display quality videos so it’s better to test them out first.

During the interview:

Listen. Listen. Listen.

  • Don’t worry about taking down notes. This is a video call interview remember? All you have to do is hit that record button, and pay attention to the interviewee’s answers.
  • Take turns. Given that it’s an online interview, being on the same pace while differing in environment can be quite hard. Keep your questions short and concise, and give the other person a cue to answer.


Observe what must be observed.

  • Sometimes, it’s not just the answers that matter. Take note of how the interviewee is dressed. Though online, this interview should remain formal and corporate.
  • Examine the environment. How does the backdrop look? Are there any disturbing background noises? If there are, ask your interviewee to move to a quieter location; make sure yours is equally quiet and formal.

After the interview:

Save the video conversation.

  • Rename the file with the interviewee’s last name, position, date of interview, and other necessary information.
  • Save all the video interviews in a separate folder from the rest of the files in the computer.
  • Have the interview transcribed. It’s better to have two types of copies for better review or to send to your higher-ups.

Finished reading all the pointers? Then suit up and get that camera rolling! You’re now ready to conduct your first remote interview, good luck!

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