Ace Your Virtual Job Interview

In the old days, a job interview is going to a company office on a scheduled day, along with a crowd of fellow applicants waiting for their turn. Today, job interviews can be online.

An online interview is located in virtual space and involves a videoconference between you and your interviewer – and the computer screen. This method has changed how you need to prepare, so here are tips to impress your future boss and ace your virtual job interview:

1. Get Familiar. Online interviews involve technology, so make sure you have the proper equipment like the webcam, headset, and strong internet connection. Know how to use them, and familiarize yourself with tools and software you’ll be using for the interview. Learn how to fix technical glitches, just in case.

2. Location is important. In a virtual job interview, you are welcoming the interviewer into your space. Make sure your surroundings are appropriate and professional. Pick a spot that has enough light for the camera. Clear the clutter, and avoid noisy environments.

3. Be heard. Make sure you are audible at the other end. This means you have to practice speaking into a microphone, which is a bit different from speaking face-to-face. It would also help to get quality equipment for video calls.

4. Do a test run. Get a friend to practice with you or use a video call recorder such as SuperTinTin for easy playback, so you can review your moves. Pay attention to your distance and placement from the camera. This is also the right time to check the audio and do last-minute arrangements on your backdrop.

5. Get comfortable. There are ways to exude confidence during an online interview. Two of the most basic tips are to sit up and to look straight at the camera as if you are talking directly to a person.

6. Dress appropriately. Just because you are interviewing at home doesn’t mean you can do it in your pajamas. Dress as you would for personal interviews. For videoconferencing, remember that some colors and textile patterns are not suitable when seen through a videocam. Avoid too-bright colors and loud patterns.

7. Be prepared. List down what you want to say, and possible answers to the interviewer’s questions. If you have a question yourself, write it down. Run your equipment and software hours before the interview.

Acing a virtual interview is not so hard. Just remember these 7 easy tips, show your confidence, and you’ll be hired in no time.

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