Manage Remote Workers With Skype

Back then, businesses have to be in a physical location because there weren’t communication means like the email, intranet, and videoconference. Now, technology enables you and your employees to work remotely. Even if team members are in different time zones, speak different languages, and raised in different cultures, having a productive workplace is within reach. Communicating with remote workers can be a challenge, but there is a way to keep the lines open with Skype.

Use Skype to manage remote workers

Skype is one of the best software for managing remote workers. It’s not your usual IM software because aside from letting you send chat messages, it also allows you to make audio and video calls. You can even share your desktop activities to your contacts and forward your calls to another number when you’re away.

Will I benefit from using Skype in remote working? 

Of course, you will! Here are some useful and cost-free tools you can use on Skype:

  • Share desktop screens – this is one of the best features of Skype because you can easily show your employees what you’re doing on screen. You can, for example, give out instructions and troubleshoot any problems while speaking to them. This makes communication and multitasking easier, and time management more efficient.
  • Call forwarding – This feature sends your calls to another number if you’re, say, taking a short coffee break. This means you no longer have to miss important calls.
  • Hands-free use – With this tool, Skype connects with your Bluetooth headset, so you can talk with your team handsfree.  You can relay important information, answer all their questions, while looking through your documents, or even finish some chores.
  • Extras – Skype also offers plugins that you can download, such as for voicemail, call recording, and even Microsoft Outlook integration.

With the right tools, you can call your employees, hold meetings, and share files without going from one place to the other, without spending a penny. Use your resources efficiently and manage remote workers with Skype.

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